The newest proven enlargement option available for men are the penis extenders.
Do extenders really work wonders of penis size?

Official ProExtender System SiteProbably you've heard about extenders used by men to increase their penis size and help them regain their manhood. Or you could have read somewhere how some wives or girlfriends were pleased with the surprise that penis extenders did magic on their partner's unsatisfying smallness.

If you're among the thousands of men thinking of using this penis girth and length enhancer technology to enhance sexual performance, lengthened sack sessions and increased lustful drives, then you need to know more than just penis size extenders being magical. You need to be well-informed how such product works and if it's healthy for your use. Most of all -- don't miss out on knowing your sex shaft as well to know how much an extender can help it perform its best.

First, let's talk about your penis. The whole length of your shaft has chambers of erectile tissues that upon arousal host entrance of 90% blood, thus increasing your penis size. Called corpora cavernosa, these chambers are placed above another chamber called corpus spongisum which is responsible for ejaculation, as well as urination. Regardless of penis size, all men have these chambers in place and doing their functions well.

Whenever you have an arousal as manifested in a hardened, erect and solid penis, it is actually blood going into the chambers and filling them. These chambers capacity to hold blood is what pronounces your penis size.

Next let us talk about what extenders can do to increase penis size. As a device, penis extenders are designed to fit your shaft well so it does not bring any discomfort. Both the penis extenders head and base are connected by twin rods found on the two sides of the gadget and is then fitted to the penis shaft. With constant tractions rubbed by these rods along your shaft, the erectile tissue cells are enabled to reproduce and thereby increasing your penis size - its length and girth.

But it's not just the penis size increased during erection that is achieved when using an extender device. Even when it is in a flaccid, the penis size is still increased and the results become permanent.

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With all its wonderful benefits, more and more men of all ages, professions and build are opting for penis extenders, making it the most sought-after method to enlarge penis size. Another reason for its popularity is because many men are partial to taking pills everyday or undergoing surgery to achieve the same purpose.

Extenders have been proven and tested safe to use, as it has passed as a leading penis enlarger standards. The safety comes with the fact that the traction amount applied to your penis could be controlled which is just enough to increase penis size but not in any way cause harm to your sex tool.

Just the same, be extra careful about penis extenders and make sure you get the best, high-quality brand. The poorly made extenders might cause injury to your "hot rod" and render you not just the same disappointing small penis size, but something much more badly than that!

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