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ProFollica System

This product is great for regrowing hair and is a standout in the industry. It doesn’t just clean the scalp, Profollica uses medical research to deal with the causes of hair loss in men which is an excess in dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This compound destroys the hair follicles and they shrink which makes them disappear so you lose your hair.

Hair growth is more than just inhibiting the production of DHT you need the right environment to regrow hair again. Profollica has a three-step system for regrowing hair.

  • Step One – It inhibits the production of too much DHT. You use a daily supplement to nourish your body. The formulation is 100% herbal from natural sources.
  • Step Two – Works to eliminate scalp bacteria. This scalp shampoo can also remove other scalp conditions such as psoriasis, itchy scalp, dandruff, and other problems.
  • Step Three – helps grow hair fast with a folic stimulator which is the activator gel. You spray this on after you shampoo your hair.
  • Only $89.95 for 1 kit
  • Only $169.90 for 2 kits (SAVE $10)
  • Only $239.85 for 3 kits (SAVE $30)
  • Only $299.80 for 4 kits (SAVE $60)
  • Only $349.75 for 5 kits (SAVE $100)

Add $69.95 for each kit after 5 kits.


This product can help you sleep better in a natural way. You’ll get better sleep the first time you take it. In the morning you’ll have more energy since you had a restful sleep. With a good night of sleep you’ll feel better and be more refreshed. If you have problems with insomnia this product might be just what you need to get to sleep again. This is better than other capsules that you might have tried and it does more besides make you drowsy.

The product is a sleep system that has two components to it that are powerful.

  • Regulates your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm
  • Relaxes your brain  by increasing Alpha brain waves

You’ll stay asleep longer when using this product and it will be easier than before to actually get to sleep and wake up in the morning on time. You’ll be energetic and ready to tackle your day. This sleeping aid is an all-natural product so you won’t get that groggy feeling that you find with other products.

  • Only $49.95 for 1 box
  • Only $94.95 for 2 boxes (SAVE $5)
  • Only $134.95 for 3 boxes (SAVE $15)
  • Only $224.95 for 6 boxes (SAVE $75)

Add $69.95 for each kit after 5 kits.

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse™

Our digestive system needs the lining of the gastrointestinal tract to function well. We can easily have in inflammation there and get diarrhea, constipation, or gas. The Colon Cleanse by Digestive Science can detoxify the body and provide good digestive health with its formula so you find relief. The buildup of toxins is the colon can be caused by the environment and a number of lifestyle factors:

  • Stress, poor diet, antibiotics, drugs, yeast, allergies, low fatty acids in the diet and other factors can all lead to problems.

You may be having health problems such as poor skin condition, increased allegories, bad memory and other conditions. This can all be directly related to the functioning of your digestive system. This colon cleansing system is a natural process that is done in three steps for the body, quality of life and the mind.

This colon cleansing system isn’t some type of harsh laxative that causes strain it’s a healthier option and one of the best ones you’ll find on the current market.

  • $97.95 for 1-month program
  • $237.95 3-month program(Save $56) That's only $80/month!
  • Every Package Gets 90 Day Guarantee

Add $35.00 for each bottle over 5 bottles

Omega Daily™

You can benefit from Omega Daily no matter what your age. This supplement called the Miracle from the Sea, gives you freedom from pain, freedom of motion, and helps you feel vital and young again at any age. It provides you more than just better joints it happens to counteract ADD, ease PMS, open airways, and helps your heart too. Others use this supplement to help treat asthma problems.

This supplement uses Omega-3 sources from the green-lipped muscles which come from New Zealand. It’s a very good source of Omega-3 oil and it’s talked about in scientific journals and research studies have looked at it.

The product is also good for people who use their minds often. Omega 3 helps to limber up and improve your memory function. This supplement would be good for studying and clear thinking. This is a well-rounded product with many health benefits.

  • Only $49.95 for one bottle / 1 month supply
  • Only $89.95 for 2 bottles / 2 month supply (You save $9.95)
  • Only $159.95 for 4 bottles / 4 month supply (You save $24.90)
  • Only $189.95 for 5 bottles / 5 month supply (You save $59.80)

Add $35.00 for each bottle over 5 bottles.

Natural Products


Reflux Elimination System by Digestive Sciencee™

When you have burping, heartburn and that awful taste in your mouth when you regurgitate food, you have some type of acid reflux problem. If you don’t treat the problem it can get even worse. You need to treat the causes of the problem to see any real relief. The Reflux Elimination System by Digestive Science can bring relief for those with acid reflux and heartburn problems in an effective and fast package.

If you want real change with acid reflux problems you can’t just mask the symptoms. When you look to the cause of the problem you can find relief with acid reflux and heartburn issues. This product helps control acid, provide digestive support, and helps with enzyme renewal. You find relief from reflux and the burning as well as the reduction of the pain symptoms.

There are three supplements including the Digestive Enzyme Renewal, the Daily Digestion Support, and the Acid Control Formula. 

  • $97.95 for 1-month program
  • $237.95 3-month program(Save $56) That's only $80/month!
  • Every Package Gets 90 Day Guarantee

Add $49.95 for each system over 5 systems

Kollagen Intensiv™

This product has the latest breakthroughs in the renewal of collegian.

Kollagen Intensiv includes the very latest medical breakthroughs in natural collagen renewal, encouraging your skin to naturally increase collagen production for a visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and more. Skin regains a more youthful appearance.

Rooted in Switzerland, the luxurious formulation of Kollagen Intensiv contains the patented peptide, SYN®-COLL, which has been clinically proven to:

  • Increase your skin's natural production of collagen.
  • Reduce the appearance of even the deepest lines and wrinkles.
  • Firm and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Moisturize and hydrate the skin.
  • Help repair damage including age spots and sun damage.

With Kollagen Intensiv, there's no need for expensive collagen injections that can run you $750-$2,800+ per year.

Just apply it two times daily after cleansing in the morning and before bed. And that’s it, you’re done.
This advanced anti-aging wrinkle cream goes directly to work on your skin...

... For noticeable results in just 14 days of use, with best results after 84 days of application!

  • $59.95 for 1 Month Package
  • $109.95 for 2 Jars + 1 Bonus Gift! / 2 months package Save $10!
  • $154.95 for 3 Jars + 2 Bonus Gift! / 3 months package Save $25!
  • $199.95 for 4 Jars + 2 Bonus Gift! / 4 months package Save $40!
  • $244.95 for 5 Jars + 3 Bonus Gift! / 5 months package Save $55!
  • $289.95 for 6 Jars + 3 Bonus Gift! / 6 months package Save $70! That's Only $49/Month!

Add $49.95 for each system over 5 systems

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