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VigRX Plus Official SiteThese male enhancement pills are a blend of herbal ingredients and the formula provides a great boost to self-confidence. If you’re looking for sexual stamina, desire, and length in your erections then these pills will work for you and send your confidence skyward. You should give these pills a try.

Results and How It Works
You’ll get a good powerful erection with these ingredients and sometimes even more. This supplement has been used on thousands who have been looking for the same results as you have. If you want more out of your sex life then you should try male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus. They combine modern science with aphrodisiacs. Many have seen harder erections and very good climaxes after using this product. We have found out a way to make this even better for you.

The next phase in the VigRX pills is the VigRX Plus version. Many men have counted upon the original version to give them better performance in the bedroom. The penis is essentially a place for blood and the more blood that’s in there the firmer and harder the erection will be. The new formula makes sure you’re getting the right botanicals and nutrients to provide this. You’ll get thicker and linger erections as a result. You’ll have more stamina and sensitivity as well.

This new formula includes three new ingredients so the formula is more potent. One new ingredient is called Damiana which comes from South America and is used to increase libido.

The product also contains Bioperine which isn’t available in other supplements. This improves the absorption of the formula so it works faster and better for you. You may see some results within just a couple of weeks with VigRX Plus. You will see harder and firmer erections occurring in about one month of taking the product. The longer the time that you take these male enhancement pills the better the results you’ll see. After about three months you’ll get very hard erections with good stamina and more sensitivity than before. You’ll wonder why you out put with your boring sex life before VigRX Plus.

The Ingredients
These new product is further enhancing male performance and giving men real desire and staying power. One of the three ingredients that are new has been combined with aphrodisiacs form Europe and South America for more libido and stamina. Damiana was used by the Mayan people of Central and South America and it has been shown to increase the amount of sexual activity by a wide margin.

The real star of the new formula is the Bioperine and no other sexual stimulant has this an an ingredient. This ingredient makes a big difference and it can help absorb the other ingredients of the formula. This Bioperine has been shown in tests to do this so you can absorb the product faster and get better results in less time. The ingredients of the original blend are still there and some of these include:

  • Cuscuta Seed Extract – Use in the medicine of ancient Chinese cultures to improve the sperm and help with problems of premature ejaculation.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry – Helps when you have a low sex drive and your libido drops.
  • Muira Puama Bark Extract – This has shown in studies to provide more sexual desire and treat instances of erectile dysfunction. More tests are being done on its effects on libido.

There are other ingredients in the formula which will help enhance sex. You’ll get firmer and longer erections, stamina and sensitivity that will make your sex life great.

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The Main Difference Between VigRX Plus and Regular VigRX
The main different is that there’s three new ingredients in VigRX Plus that take this formula and improve upon it greatly. The Damiana plant from South America can help to improve sexual stamina. Studies with mice have shown increased sexual activity.

The last ingredient is Bioperine which is unique to the VigRX formula which makes this a very good product. It can improve the rate of absorption of the other ingredients in the formula about 30%. It will work faster and provide you better results in less time.

Is The Product Some Type of Viagra?
In terms of your hard erection sit works a bit like Viagra but you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Viagra is a prescription medication that can have side effects which can take away from the experience of sex. This product really isn’t much like Viagra, it’s unique.

How Does this Product Work?
This product uses natural ingredients and helps improve your sex life. It improves the performance of your sexual organs so they work as best as they can. You’ll get more size, firmness, stamina, and sensitivity. These ingredients will build up in your body so you don’t have to take the pill before you engage in sexual activity it will go to work long before that. Just take two of the capsules each day and enjoy sexual activity at any time.

The ingredients are formulated in safe does so there’s no side effect like prescription medication that treats these same problems.

When Will There Be Some Results?
VigRX Plus male enhancement pills will give you results in different stages. You’ll see more pronounced results over time with it. The formula will build in your body and during the first month you’ll get a harder erection and some girth. Once you hit the second month you’ll have more length increases and extra stamina that will let you perform better. After month three you’ll have solid erections and at the biggest size yet.

Is It satisfaction Guaranteed?
After the second month if you’re not seeing results then send the remaining product back along with the packaging. A full refund will be provided on your purchase. If you don’t see any results then count on a refund.

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